Main Sails

 Ref. nrProduct NameBoat TypeLuffLeechFootAreaGeneral ConditionOriginal Price in EUR ex. VAT *Selling Price in EUR ex. VAT *
Order463Furling main, x-cut, Dacron 13,0813,754,8730,73New sail18001000
Order471X-cut, DacronTrias9,329,773,1517,62New sail1221700
Order612Furling main,Trioptimal, Sandwich, EMS Max 11,1511,834,528,8New sail33471600
Order618Furling main, Trioptimal, Sandwich,EMS MaxVilm 11711,2511,94,5429,4Used - good condition44232000
Order716X-cut, laminatMelges 248,89,533,816,72poor0827
Order799EMS Max, EPEX, Dyneema dt. white 12,412,753,7226,5Used-Good condition37671200
Order823X-cut, Dacron, 2 full, 2 short battenBeneteau1313,253,829,1New22111300
Order870Cruise Mainsail, Beige/sandclassic cutter12,6134,533,5New30681200
Order938Fullbatten EPEX, Carbon Vectrran TS. whiteNajade 50519,920,786,3575,26New - Membrane only82234933
Order1017Membrane, 1 full, 3 short battenSigma 3311,503,8525,5new 26001800
Order1021X-cut, Dacron, 4 full battenJollenkreutzer11,305,7538,3used27111000
Order1176EMS Max, EPEX, 5 vert.full + 3 vert. short battens 16,4917,165,1449new54123247
Order1204X-cut, Contender Poly Preg 5,52ozSURPRISE - 99,73,30new 17611156
Order1216Furling Main,EMS Max, EPEX inside taffeta whiteHR 310 10,911,484,0526used 37572100
Order1220Furling Main EMS max EPEXMalo 4314,214,895,1442,6new69774890
Order1245Mainsail radial laminat 13,7803,422,3new 16901469
Order1378In-boom furling mainX - 372 12,050428,4New33412304,13
Order1379Inmast Furl Main SB, HydranetSUNBEAM - 34 12,3704,3827New26921856,55
Order1464x-cut Dacron 2 full- 2 short Battens 9,610,073,9321,1 17291037
Order1496EMS Max Main - epex with full battensHANSE - 385 Seldén Conv. + Furl 13,8214,455,0940NEW58703800

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