Ref. nrProduct NameBoat TypeLuffLeechFootAreaGeneral ConditionOriginal Price in EUR ex. VAT *Selling Price in EUR ex. VAT *
Order364Cockpit cover Dragon 0000Used - good condition400200
Order766Zippack, Dark Blue 002,50New370260
Order768Boomcover, Medium Blue 002,250New200140
Order1133Boomcover, burgundy sunbrella 002,850new 290185
Order1191Boomcover, sunbrella black 004,20new424254
Order1371Furlcover, ocean blue 9,7500,40New382250
Order1448Boomcover Special 10,5540New0200
Order1452Boomcover, Sunbrella SilverFähnrich10,404,50New449300
Order1461Zippack Bavaria logoBavaria - 51 CR 2013 Conv. mast006,170 512332
Order1465Furlcover, Captiain NavyXP - 38 Alu rig18,6600,850New813480
Order1492Zippack Airflow Etap 24 IETAP - 24 I 903,090 548330
Order1495Zippack with 2 x 7mm PVC mount 003,30NEW500280
Order1512Furlcover Black 2300,780NEW1300800

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