Ref. nrProduct NameBoat TypeLuffLeechFootAreaGeneral ConditionOriginal Price in EUR ex. VAT *Selling Price in EUR ex. VAT *
Order364Cockpit cover Dragon 0000Used - good condition400200
Order766Zippack, Dark Blue 002,50New370260
Order768Boomcover, Medium Blue 002,250New200140
Order1133Boomcover, burgundy sunbrella 002,850new 290185
Order1191Boomcover, sunbrella black 004,20new424254
Order1448Boomcover Special 10,5540New0200
Order1452Boomcover, Sunbrella SilverFähnrich10,404,50New449300
Order1461Zippack Bavaria logoBavaria - 51 CR 2013 Conv. mast006,170 512332
Order1465Furlcover, Captiain NavyXP - 38 Alu rig18,6600,850New813480
Order1492Zippack Airflow Etap 24 IETAP - 24 I 903,090 548330
Order1495Zippack with 2 x 7mm PVC mount 003,30NEW500280
Order1512Furlcover Black 2300,780NEW1300800
Order1544Boomcover for Tri 10Tri 101,304,550NEW471255
Order1545Furlcover for HR46HALLBERG RASSY - 46 Konv. mast16,8900,750NEW865475
Order1553Zippack Airflow, SilverHALLBERG RASSY - 29 10,5803,250New571250
Order1554FurlCover RedDRAGONFLY - 28 Touring11,9800,50New430250

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